GOT7 "AURA" Dance Practice


GOT7 “AURA” Dance Practice

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  1. Jaebaeom look so good looking and cute, in his hat and long hair. That hair color matches with the color of his hat. I love it.

  2. Yugyeom is not even my bias but he is looking freaking hot in every single video of this comeback
    I'm dying because of the maknae

  3. I can't take my eyes off of bambam and youngjae. Whenever i watch aura I'm always looking forward to the dance break, i'm obsessed with this album and choreographies!!!!

  4. Its like they came to practice for a normal practice and then got told they are recording aura when they got there xD also jackson looks hella comfy i want his shirt

  5. What went through my head while I was vibing to this:

    □ JB's outfit – the thief who stole ur heart
    □ Mark's outfit – the guy ur most likely gonna cheat with
    □ Jackson's outfit- he's on his way to ur house just to cuddle
    □ Jinyoung's outfit- ready for your date with him
    □ Youngjae's outfit- a mood
    □ Bambam's outfit- lowkey ur husband but tryna hide it
    □ Yugyeom's outfit- suddenly it's couple's day so he decides he wants to match with u


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