Imaging Devices Missing From Device Manager In Windows 10/8/7 [Fixed]


TUTORIAL: how to fix Imaging devices missing from device manager using Windows 10/8/7. If your laptop camera not detected or imaging devices are not showing up in device manager and Computer says, we can’t find your camera then, this Video will be helping you. Here I am showing with windows 10 -any later version 2020-19-18 laptops but according to this tutorial, you also can solve the same problem on windows 8/windows 8.1/windows 7 and Windows XP or Vista using any laptops.

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  1. This video is very useful for fixing my camera, it took a day to rectify but after watch your video with 5 minutes i have completed my work….. thanks a lot… keep it up

  2. tell me how to install a web cam driver to my laptop manufactured by wipro named as e.go laptop…………somebody please suggest me something!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2:48 ur step didn't go well but I choose the automatically and my camera its fixed again thank you so much it helped so much

  4. Bro my pc showing that "windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device"
    What to do??

  5. i used the powershell to get the "troubleshoot and help prevent computer problem" screen. BUT the only options i get is: "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) is disabled" and SCSI Scanner Device has a driver problem. Nothing else like in the video.. 🙁 also at imaging devices it doesn't show the camera. plz help i thought i had it this time. i've been trying things for 3 hours now.

  6. another way to find imaging devices is to go to device manager, go to view and click show hidden objects.

  7. I got problem it is saying "windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" what should i do.

  8. my camera works, it opens and everything but my screen is just black.. no it's not the lighting I thought it was too haha, anyone can help????

  9. None of this worked. But a solution is out there. What happened is my PC did bad things when my camera cord touched water (yes) while plugged in. Nothing could make my PC find my camera. THEN.. BY LUCK 2 WEEKS LATER Microsoft sent me an update warning, a BIG UPDATE, the kind that takes hours for my Windows 10,2015 version. Lo and Behold! device manager could find my camera and all the files matched for photos.
    Not sure how that will help you…but a solution is there besides using the camera's own software..but that puts everything separate (unseen by your PC ) and many more clicks to upload photos.
    So..somehow get a big update!

  10. I don't have a hard wear and devices on my trouble shooting and idk what to do because I need my webcam to work.

  11. I had a camera's UBS fail after we had a triple power outage over 12 hours. The on and off 3x..blew the ports for the PC and point and shoot Canon Camera. Then found that my next Canon camera used off the internet? Has USB 2.0 need and wont work in the one port left on the PC. So,it wont download into devices. EVER now. But,It does work with Canon software. But its more moving things around to make sense of the order.
    This HP PC had survived those before..but now at 5 years old,I guess it's wearing down.

  12. I dont have hardware and devices . My problem is that my keyboard is not showing in device manager and I can't use my keyboard


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